Recent Graduate Alumni

Our graduate alumni hold a verity of positions in higher education and other fields, and are the authors of many scholarly publications.


Collin Cornell completed his Ph.D. in Religion (Hebrew Bible/Old Testament) in the spring of 2018. Brent A. Strawn advised his dissertation, entitled Divine Aggression in Royal Psalms and Inscriptions. He is a Visiting Assistant Professor for the School of Theology at Sewanee: The University of the South.


Cory Driver completed the Ph.D. in the Graduate Division of Religion with the dissertation “Yours or Ours?” Muslims Performing Selfhood in Moroccan Jewish Cemeteries. Don Seeman was his advisor.


Josey Bridges Snyder graduated in August 2016 upon completion of her dissertation, Looking Back at Lot's Wife: A Reception-Critical Character Study. Her advisor in the Graduate Division of Religion was William Gilders.


Ira Bedzow completed the Ph.D. in religion, with Timothy Jackson as his adviser and a dissertation entitled A Contemporary Jewish Virtue Ethics

Ryan Bonfiglio completed the Ph.D. in religion with the dissertation Reading Images, Seeing Tests:  Towards a Visual Hermeneutics for Biblical Studies, under the guidance of Brent Strawn. 

Craig Perry completed the Ph.D. in history with a dissertation entitled The Daily Life of Slaves and the Global Reach of Slavery in Medieval Egypt, 969-1250 CE, with Marina Rustow (now of Johns Hopkins University) as his adviser.  He is now working as a research associate at Johns Hopkins, on a collaborative grant to do research on documents of the Cairo Geniza and publish them online.

Publications by Graduate Alumni

View a list of scholarly Publications, written by TIJS student alumni, which reflect the diversity of research possible in the field of Jewish studies.