Atlanta Jewish Film Festival On Campus 2019

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NARRATIVE • GERMANY • 2004 • 95 MINUTES • SUN. 9/15, 7:10 PM 

Following the frenetic life of Jackie Zucker, a chronic liar, cheat and hustler living in Berlin who has abandoned his career, family and Jewish roots since the fall of the Wall. When word comes that his mother has died and left him a sizable inheritance, it’s a stroke of luck. But there’s a catch: He must first reconcile with his estranged brother Samuel, an Orthodox Jew. The inevitable clash of traditions paves the way for a madcap adventure. GO FOR ZUCKER is winner of the Ernst Lubitsch Award for Best German Comedy, and six Lola Awards (the German Oscars) including Best Film and Best Director.

Emory University • White Hall 208


DOCUMENTARY • USA • 2017 • 81 MINUTES • MON. 9/16, 5:30 PM

The extraordinary lives of the husband and wife duo who together authored the beloved Curious George books are recounted in the 2017 film MONKEY BUSINESS: THE ADVENTURES OF CURIOUS GEORGE’S CREATORS. The journey of Hans and Margret Rey is brought vividly to life with interviews augmented by original hand-drawn animations, and a treasure trove of archival materials from the Rey estate: wartime journals, photographs, letters and unpublished Curious George sketches and notes.

Emory University • White Hall 208


NARRATIVE • ISRAEL • 2014 • 99 MINUTES • MON. 9/16, 7:45 PM

Israel’s official entry for the 2014 Best Foreign Film Oscar, BETHLEHEM is an intricate, tick-tock cliffhanger centered on the tragic relationship between an Israeli intelligence officer and his Palestinian informant. Shifting between streetwise Israeli and Palestinian viewpoints, this morally complex story achieves added authenticity by the experiences of first-time writer-director Yuval Adler who served in Israeli military intelligence, and co-writer Ali Waked, a Palestinian journalist. Nominated for 12 Israeli Academy Awards, garnering wins for Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Editing.

Emory University • White Hall 208


DOCUMENTARY • GERMANY, USA • 2016 • 82 MINUTES • TUE. 9/17, 5:30 PM

OLYMPIC PRIDE, AMERICAN PREJUDICE examines the complex racial politics of the 1936 Summer Games in Nazi Germany. Facing its own socioeconomic unrest at home, the U.S. was torn between boycotting and competing in Hitler’s Olympics. Most ironic and surprising, is not the actions of Germans, but the implicit bias of U.S. Olympic officials in the dispute. The victorious American team, however, emerges as a symbol of the racial equality the Nazis loathed, paving the way for the Civil Rights movement to come.

Emory University • White Hall 208


NARRATIVE • ARGENTINA • 2011 • 102 MINUTES • TUE. 9/17, 7:50 PM

A perfect storm of matrimonial disharmony ensues in MY FIRST WEDDING, a fast-paced screwball comedy, screened at the 2013 AJFF, from Argentine director Ariel Winograd, which lampoons romantic illusions, religious differences and the politics of the proverbial “Big Day.” A secular Jew and a lapsed Catholic have finally reached their wedding ceremony. The trouble begins when the groom clumsily loses the wedding rings, setting in motion a series of white lies and increasingly desperate delay tactics that bring out the worst in the betrothed couple. Replete with a cast of eccentric and feuding family members and troublemaking ex-lovers, this comedy of errors heads down a path chock full of misunderstanding and disaster.

Emory University • White Hall 208