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CRAIG PERRY (History), JASON SCHULMAN (History), JOHN QUANT (GDR), ZEV FARBER (GDR), IRA BEDZDOW (GDR), AMANDA DAVIS (Theology), and MICHAEL CHAN (GDR) all received TIJS summer grants for 2011 for language study, research and field work, and to present papers at conferences.  See (link) for the reports on their summer activities.

NICOLE BAERG (Political Science) received a $15,000 fellowship from the Canadian Friends of Hebrew University for to do field research in Israel during 2011/2012, for her dissertation entitled, “The Political Economy of Conquering Inflation: The Impact of Political Polarization and Elite Consensus on Inflation-Fighting.

IRA BEDZOW (GDR) won the Tag Emerging Scholars Award as well as an honorable mention in the competition for the Detweiler Essay Prize.  He presented the paper “Must we be Satisfied with Modern Jewish Thought or Can There be a Contemporary Jewish Philosophy?” at a conference at the Shalem Center in Jerusalem in June.  His publications include Things Overhead in the Synagogue, a book of poetry published by Devora Publications, summer 2011; two poems, “Family Meal” and “The Son Returns,” in Hador Journal, 2011; and the article “Rabbi Yohanan Had Five Disciples:  A Hirschean theory of Jewish education” in Jewish Educational Leadership, vol. 9:2, 2011.

Congratulations to MICHAEL CHAN, TIJS-affiliated graduate student in GDR, whose Blumenthal-Award-winning paper "Revenge of the Nerds:  Re-Presentations of Royal Rage in Jewish Court Tales" has been accepted for publication in the Jewish Quarterly Review.

JOSEY SNYDER (GDR) presented the paper "Did Kemosh Have a Consort (Or Any Other Friends)?” about the Moabite pantheon (or lack there of), at the 2010 SBL Annual Meeting.


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