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TIJS Welcomes New Graduate Fellows

TIJS Fellows
New TIJS Graduate Fellows Lisa Hoelle, Rahimjon Abdugafurov, Justin Pannkuk, and Collin Cornell

Four new graduate students became TIJS fellows in fall 2013, swelling the ranks of TIJS-affiliated graduate students to fifteen.

Rahimjon Abdugafurov is a doctoral student in the Program in Islamic Civilizations Studies in the Department of Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies at Emory, where he studies fatwas, Islamic legal opinions, and Christians and Jews, aiming to contribute to a better understanding of Muslim relations with Christians and Jews. Rahimjon holds a five-year higher education diploma in Oriental studies and Arabic philology from Namangan State University, Namangan, Uzbekistan; an MEd from Vanderbilt University; and an MA in international studies from the University of Wyoming, where he studied Muslim views about Christians and Jews in Uzbekistan. Rahimjon comes from the Republic of Uzbekistan, a former Soviet republic in Central Asia.

Collin Cornell is a PhD student in the Hebrew Bible program of the Graduate Division of Religion. He earned an MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary and a BA in biblical studies from Columbia International University. He plans to research the legal and cultic materials of the Pentateuch, their narrative integration, their ancient Near Eastern analogues, their function in postexilic communities, their ideologies of the social body, and their visions of divine presence. He is interested more broadly in Semitic philology, ritual studies, and biblical theology, and he also intends to make a special study of pedagogy for introductory Bible courses.

Lisa Hoelle is a PhD student in the Jewish Religious Cultures program of the Graduate Division of Religion, studying contemporary American Jewish identity. She is currently interested in how conceptions of American Jewish identity inform and shape intracommunity ethical practices. Lisa has outside interests in education, ritual, and virtue ethics. She earned a BA summa cum laude in philosophy and international studies from Illinois Wesleyan University, an MA in philosophy at the University of Minnesota, and a graduate certificate in Jewish studies at the Graduate Theological Union. She also has conducted research at the Kierkegaard Centre in Copenhagen and worked as the ritual and religious education coordinator for a synagogue in San Francisco, and as the European culture and history program coordinator at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad.

Justin Pannkuk is a PhD student in the Hebrew Bible program of the Graduate Division of Religion. Before coming to Emory, he earned a BA summa cum laude in religion from Northwestern College in Iowa and an MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary. He was a Fulbright fellow in Old Testament at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany, where he focused on the relationship between the Aramaic texts from the Dead Sea and the Book of Jubilees. His current research interests center on the early Jewish apocalyptic movement, its literature and worldview, and how its theological complex provided ancient Jewish communities with a conceptual framework within which they could make sense of their present experience. He is interested in tracing the development and religious function of a number of important themes in apocalyptic literature, such as the concern for the problem and origins of evil and its management within pious communities, conceptions of time and the relationship between protology and eschatology, and the theological construction of moral anthropology.



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Laney Graduate School Announces Brickman-Levin fund

Tenenbaum LectureImportant to the university's healing from anti-Semitism at the dental school, the fund ensures that Jewish studies remains permanently part of the graduate curriculum. 
Annual Tenenbaum Lecture is Keynote to Borowski Symposium

Annual Tenenbaum Lecture is Keynote TO Borowski SymposiumA symposium to honor Emory's Oded Borowski was timed to coincide with the Tenenbaum Lecture— delivered this year by William G. Dever, one of Borowski's mentors.
TIJS Hosts 2014 American Jewish Historical Society Conference

TIJS Hosts 2014 American Jewish Historical Society ConferenceWith Emory serving as host, the Biennial Scholars' Conference held in June attracted 100 academics from around the world. 
TIJS Faculty Highlights

TIJS Faculty HighlightsDon Seeman is a Harvard-trained anthropologist and an accomplished textualist, studying classical Jewish legal, philosophical, and mystical texts in their original languages.
Jacob Wright's Coursera Course Brings Biblical Studies to Thousands on the Internet

Jacob Wright's Coursera Course Brings Biblical Studies to Thousands on the InternetRead a Q&A with Jacob Wright describing his first experience with a MOOC when 27,000 students registered for his course The Bible's Prehistory, Purpose, and Political Future.
Faculty News

2014 Blumenthal AwardsRead about David R. Blumenthal's honorary degree and Deborah LIpstadt's keynote at the Rwandan genocide conference, as well as welcome the TIJS visiting scholars for 2014–2015.
2014 Blumenthal Awards

2014 Blumenthal AwardsCongrats to Carrie Crawford and Katherine Howard (graduate) and Avi Dobrusin (undergraduate).
Congratulations to New PhDs

Congratulations to New PhDs With every best wish, we congratulate our new PhDs—Ira Bedzoe, Ryan Bonfiglio, Craig Perry, Nehemia Stern, and Anne Stewart—and wish them well in their careers.

Thanks to Our Donors

Thanks to our donorsYou can assist the future growth of the program through endowment giving. To learn more, contact Michelle Clark at



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