Core Faculty

Image for Michael Berger

Michael Berger

Associate Professor
Department of Religion

Rabbinic Judaism, Jewish law and ethics

Image for David R. Blumenthal

David R. Blumenthal

Jay & Leslie Cohen Professor of Judaic Studies
Department of Religion

Constructive Jewish theology, medieval Judaism, Jewish mysticism, and Holocaust studies

Image for Oded Borowski

Oded Borowski

Department of Middle Eastern & South Asian Studies

Biblical archaeology, ancient agriculture, daily life in Biblical times

Image for Michael Broyde

Michael Broyde

School of Law

Law and religion, Jewish law and ethics, and comparative religious law

Image for Catherine Dana

Catherine Dana

Senior Lecturer
Department of French & Italian

20th century French, Francophone, and Israeli film; French and Francophone literature, novelist

Image for William K. Gilders

William K. Gilders

Associate Professor
Department of Religion

Cultural history, Hebrew Bible, ritual in ancient Israel and its historical context, sexuality and gender (especially LGBTQ cultures)

Image for Sander Gilman

Sander Gilman

Distinguished Professor of the Liberal Arts & Sciences; Professor of Psychiatry
Graduate Institute of Liberal Arts

History of medicine and psychiatry, Jewish cultural studies, visual studies, European comparative literary studies, cultural history

Image for Hazel Gold

Hazel Gold

Judith London Evans Interim Director, Tam Institute for Jewish Studies
Associate Professor, Department of Spanish & Portuguese

19th-21st century Spanish Peninsular literature and cultures, narrative theory, the urban imaginary in literature and film, Ladino language, and Sephardic and Latin American Jewish studies

Image for Eric Goldstein

Eric Goldstein

Judith London Evans Director of TIJS; Associate Professor
Department of History; Tam Institute for Jewish Studies

American Jewish history, modern Jewish history

Image for Jeffrey Lesser

Jeffrey Lesser

Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor
Department of History

History of Latin America, especially Brazil; ethnic and diaspora studies

Image for Deborah E. Lipstadt

Deborah E. Lipstadt

Dorot Professor of Modern Jewish History and Holocaust Studies
Department of Religion

History of the Holocaust and Holocaust denial

Image for Gordon Newby

Gordon Newby

Department of Middle Eastern & South Asian Studies

Islam, Judaism, and Near Eastern Christianity; comparative sacred texts; ancient Near East

Image for Ellie R. Schainker

Ellie R. Schainker

Arthur Blank Family Foundation Assistant Professor of Modern European History
Department of History; Tam Institute for Jewish Studies

Russian Jewish history, modern Jewish history, imperial Russian history, history of religious conversions, history of empire and confessional states

Image for Don Seeman

Don Seeman

Associate Professor
Department of Religion; Tam Institute for Jewish Studies

Anthroplogy of religion, Jewish thought, medical anthropology, Jewish mysticism, Hasidism, phenomenology of religion

Image for Kenneth Stein

Kenneth Stein

Department of History

Modern Middle Eastern history and politics

Image for Miriam Udel

Miriam Udel

Assistant Professor
Department of German Studies

Yiddish language and literature; Yiddish modernism, the rise of the Yiddish novel, American-Jewish literature

Image for Jacob L. Wright

Jacob L. Wright

Associate Professor
Candler School of Theology

History and archaeology of ancient Israel, Biblical interpretation, Northwest Semitic languages

Image for Ofra Yeglin

Ofra Yeglin

Associate Professor
Department of Middle Eastern & South Asian Studies

Modernist Hebrew poetry, modernism, poetics, Holocaust literature, Israeli culture