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"Wiener Amerikaner oder amerikanischer Wiener? A Comparative Analysis of Three Viennese Scientists - Eric Kandel, Carl Djerassi, and Erwin Chargaff"
- Author: Caroline Barrow Maness (2011)
- Thesis Advisor: Peter Hoeyng
- Program: German Studies


Vienna is known to the world as a cultural center of Europe. However, this reputation cannot
entirely overshadow the history of violence exhibited by the Catholic majority in Vienna towards
the Jews after the Anschluss in 1938. Despite the traumatic events that followed the Anschluss,
many Viennese Jews still look fondly upon the city and wish to reconcile their painful memories.
Notably, three prominent scientists - Eric Kandel, Carl Djerassi, and Erwin Chargaff - wish to
reconcile with their memories of Vienna after long productive careers in the United States. This
thesis explores Vienna's influence on the lives and careers of these three scientists as they cope
with their painful memories of the past and rejoice in their happy memories as well. While the
three scholars were very influential in their own respective scientific fields, each felt the need to
turn away from science and embrace the artistic influences of Vienna in order to reconcile with
the past.




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