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Undergraduate Summer 2005 Courses


JS 100-00A: Survey of Jewish History (same as HIST 270-00A)
Goldstein, MTWThF 10:00-11:20 (Summer Session I, May 24-July 1), MAX: 30 (15 HIST, 15 JS)

Course description: Core class for JS Major and Minor. This introductory level course offers an overview of the history of Jews and Judaism. It is appropriate for both Jewish Studies majors as a starting point for further study and for non-specialists who wish a general overview of the field. The course will explore Jewish life from the Biblical period to the present, examining how the Jews have defined themselves socially and politically in a number of historical and geographical settings, how Jewish theology and religious practice have been shaped and transformed, and how Jews have interacted with and responded to the societies in which they have lived. In achieving these goals, special emphasis will be placed on the use of primary texts—original documents that will allow students to develop their skills at hands-on historical analysis. This course satisfies area V.B. of the General Education Requirements (Historical Perspectives on Western Culture).


YDD 101: Elementary Yiddish I
Miller, TWTh 10:30-12:30 (Summer Session I, May 24-July 1)

(This course is not cross-listed with Jewish Studies but can count toward the Major in Jewish Studies.)

Course description: This course is aimed at teaching introductory modern Yiddish language. Students will work mainly with the text College Yiddish as well as with Yiddish folksongs, stories, poems, newspaper articles and clippings, using this wide variety of accessible materials in order to develop a broad concept of Yiddish. In addition to teaching reading and writing skills, this course will expose students to the many aspects of Yiddish culture as it has developed through history, and as it continues to develop today.


  • Uriel Weinreich, College Yiddish
  • Course packet

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