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Undergraduate Summer 2006 Courses


JS 125-00A: Introduction to Jewish Literature (same as MES 125-00A)
Yeglin, MTW 12:00-2:15, Summer A, MAX: TBA

Course description: This course is based on readings in major works of Jewish literature from Biblical narrative to Hebrew and Yiddish stories. The aim of the course is to introduce students to the breadth and depth of the Jewish literary traditions. After a grounding in Biblical history and narrative we will move to the Jewish experience in pre-modern Europe and the flowering of Yiddish and Hebrew literature. We will also investigate the relationship between literature and social issues, especially in the realm of family relations. Note: MES 125 fulfills Area IVA of the GER, JS 125 does not.


  • TBA


JS 370-S1F, SAF: European Sephardi Jewish Culture (Study Abroad)
Hary, David, Kakietek (June 4th-July 13th), MAX: TBA

Course description: This six-week intensive course is devoted to Sephardi culture in Europe. Following the footsteps of the Jews expelled from Spain in 1492, the course will be held on location in Spain, France, Holland, Italy, and Greece; where Jews established thriving communities after the expulsion. The course will explore over five hundred years of Sephardi culture in Europe in the context of broader European culture. Emphasis will be placed on the interaction and communication of Jews with Christians and Muslims in Europe during this period. The course incorporates various opportunities to learn from people and sites-both past and present. The teaching format involves "hands-on" experience of relevant issues in different locations in Europe, participating in celebrations at home and in community centers, and attending lectures and discussions. In addition, students will attend lectures and discussions presented by Emory Summer Program Faculty as well as local scholars and community leaders.

For more information, please visit CIPA's JS 370 Summer Study Abroad information page.

For information on the Jewish Studies Major & Minor, go to: Undergraduate Programs in JS


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