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Undergraduate Summer 2007 Courses


JS 259R: Fieldwork in Biblical Archaeology (same as MESAS 259R, REL 261R)
Borowski, June 4-July 6, 2007

Course description: Emory University continues its association with the Lahav Research Project for its Phase IV field operations in archaeological, environmental, and ethnographic research in Israel. Students have the opportunity to participate in the excavation of Tell Halif (biblical Rimmon), located ten miles northeast of Beersheba. Through its field school, the program offers lectures, trips, and workshops in methodology, data recording and processing, and other aspects of field archaeology.

Particulars: Participants will receive a reading list prior to departure. Grading is based on evaluation of fieldwork by area and field supervisors and two examinations given during the summer.

For more information, please visit CIPA's JS 259R Summer Study Abroad information page.


JS 325: Israeli Land and Culture on Location (same as MESAS 325)
JS 327: Religion in the Holy Land on Location (same as MESAS 327, REL 327)
Hary, Orly, Langer (May 21-June 28, 2007)

Course description: This summer program in Israel offers an intensive, six-week study tour of the country, its history, cultures, religions and peoples. The group will travel extensively in Israel, visiting Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Nazareth, the Galilee, the Golan, the Negev, various kibbutzim, development towns, and several different ethnic and religious communities. Topics covered will include archaeology and antiquities, political and social life, the economy, education, the army life, language and literature, folklore, the arts, nature, and religious issues. Students will be housed in small hotels in different locations, which will be used as bases for travel and study. Students will spend time with Israelis so that they may learn first-hand about Israeli society. Students will attend lectures and discussions presented by the Emory Summer Program Faculty as well as local scholars and community leaders.

Particulars: No knowledge of Hebrew is required. Students will be required to participate in all activities, read several books and articles, keep a daily log of activities in Israel, conduct a field-work exercise and take several exams.

For more information, please visit CIPA's JS 325 and JS 327 Summer Study Abroad information page.


JS 370R: England and the Jews (same as ANTH 385R)
Konner (May 21-June 28, 2007)

Course description: This course considers the relationship, about a millenium old, between England (or more broadly, Britain) and the Jews. That means not only Jews who lived in Britain, but those in the Empire affected by British actions, especially during the history of Zionism and Israel, and those whose fate during the Holocaust was influenced by British decisions. Depictions of Jews in English literature, especially Shakespeare and Dickens, will be considered. Among the topics we will touch on: the massacre of Jews of York in 1190, the 300-year exile of the Jews beginning in 1290, the role of Cromwell in bringing them back, the Portuguese-Jewish community in England, the lives of Benjamin Disraeli and of Moses and Judith Montefiore, the Balfour Declaration promising the Jews a state in Israel, His Madjesty's Jewish Brigade in World War II, the role of Jewish violence (terrorism?) in driving the British out of Palestine, and Churchill's friendship toward the Jews.

Particulars: This course is part of Emory's summer British Studies Program held at University College, the oldest college at Oxford.

For more information, please visit CIPA's JS 370R Summer Study Abroad information page.


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