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Beth Klemow Razin

Degree and Year 

Jewish Studies and Political Science, 1982

Post-Graduate Education

Jewish Theological Seminary for a MA in Jewish Studies, completed in 1985

Current Profession

Senior Manager, Community Engagement, Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia

How has your Jewish Studies degree impacted your career?

As part of my current position, I plan Israel and Holocaust educational & cultural programs for students and the community at large. In previous positions, I have taught a variety of Jewish Studies courses including some college-level and leadership classes.

Why did you decide to become a Jewish studies major?

I had a strong personal interest in expanding my knowledge of Judaism and planned on becoming a Jewish communal professional and felt it was important to have a strong Jewish background.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I loved my time at Emory, was active in Hillel and a sorority, worked as a youth group advisor at a local synagogue, and felt fully supported in my work, in and out of the classroom. I am still good friends with several of my Jewish Studies classmates.


Published on 3/15/21