Core Faculty

    • Photo for Michael Berger

      Michael Berger

      Associate Professor

      Department of Religion

      Rabbinic Judaism, Jewish law and ethics

    • Photo for David R. Blumenthal

      David R. Blumenthal

      Jay & Leslie Cohen Professor of Judaic Studies

      Department of Religion

      Constructive Jewish theology, medieval Judaism, Jewish mysticism, and Holocaust studies

    • Photo for Michael Broyde

      Michael Broyde


      School of Law

      Law and religion, Jewish law and ethics, and comparative religious law

    • Photo for Sander Gilman

      Sander Gilman

      Distinguished Professor of the Liberal Arts & Sciences; Professor of Psychiatry

      Graduate Institute of Liberal Arts

      History of medicine and psychiatry, Jewish cultural studies, visual studies, European comparative literary studies, cultural history

    • Photo for Pazit Kahlon Shelnutt

      Pazit Kahlon Shelnutt

      Lecturer and Language Coordinator in Hebrew

      Department of Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies

    • Photo for Jeffrey Lesser

      Jeffrey Lesser

      Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor

      Department of History

      History of Latin America, especially Brazil; ethnic and diaspora studies

    • Photo for Deborah E. Lipstadt

      Deborah E. Lipstadt

      Dorot Professor of Modern Jewish History and Holocaust Studies

      Department of Religion

      History of the Holocaust and Holocaust denial

    • Photo for Gordon Newby

      Gordon Newby


      Department of Middle Eastern & South Asian Studies

      Islam, Judaism, and Near Eastern Christianity; comparative sacred texts; ancient Near East

    • Photo for Ellie R. Schainker

      Ellie R. Schainker

      Arthur Blank Family Foundation Assistant Professor of Modern European History

      Department of History; Tam Institute for Jewish Studies

      Russian Jewish history, modern Jewish history, imperial Russian history, history of religious conversions, history of empire and confessional states

    • Photo for Don Seeman

      Don Seeman

      Associate Professor

      Department of Religion; Tam Institute for Jewish Studies

      Anthroplogy of religion, Jewish thought, medical anthropology, Jewish mysticism, Hasidism, phenomenology of religion

    • Photo for Kenneth Stein

      Kenneth Stein


      Department of History

      Modern Middle Eastern history and politics

    • Photo for Miriam Udel

      Miriam Udel

      Assistant Professor

      Department of German Studies

      Yiddish language and literature; Yiddish modernism, the rise of the Yiddish novel, American-Jewish literature

    • Photo for Jacob L. Wright

      Jacob L. Wright

      Associate Professor

      Candler School of Theology

      History and archaeology of ancient Israel, Biblical interpretation, Northwest Semitic languages

    • Photo for Ofra Yeglin

      Ofra Yeglin

      Associate Professor

      Department of Middle Eastern & South Asian Studies

      Modernist Hebrew poetry, modernism, poetics, Holocaust literature, Israeli culture

    Visiting Affiliated Faculty