Undergraduate Program in Jewish Studies

The Jewish experience has always put diverse voices from across the generations into dialogue, sometimes amicable, sometimes contentious. In Jewish Studies at Emory we continue the tradition.

From its start, Jewish Studies at Emory was conceived as the effort to understand the multiple dimensions and complexities of Jewish civilization wherever it existed.

A major or minor in Jewish Studies at Emory is an organic component of a liberal arts education. It is also an entrance into all the disciplines of the humanities and social sciences. In an increasingly multicultural society, an exposure to the global historical Jewish experience prepares students to pursue an active and informed place in the world, whatever their chosen career or life path.

Aside from providing the opportunity to delve into classical and contemporary Jewish bodies of knowledge, the comparative nature of the program invites students to tour the regions in which Judaism flourished through a vivid dialogue with global societies and cultures. With a core faculty of nineteen acclaimed scholars of history, law, religion, anthropology, ethics, literature, psychoanalysis and language, and with eighteen affiliated faculty whose expertise ranges from biological and behavioral anthropology to film and photographic history, the Tam Institute offers students one of the largest interdisciplinary Jewish Studies programs in the nation.