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The Tam Institute for Jewish Studies (TIJS) provides awards and grants to undergraduate and graduate students to support activities that enrich the academic experience, such as study abroad, intensive language training, and travel for research or participation in conferences and workshops. Grants for other purposes related to a student’s course of study will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

How Can I Apply?

TIJS will accept grant applications twice every year: in the fall for academic-year grants for graduate students only, and in the spring for summer grants for both undergraduate and graduate students. In special cases, and if funds are available, requests may be considered outside the normal cycle on a case-by-case basis.

All Emory students are eligible to apply for support and must be enrolled during the period covered by the grant.

Students who are affiliated with TIJS, including undergraduate majors and minors, TIJS Fellows, and participants in the graduate certificate program, will receive the highest priority for funding, as well as those whose work in another department or program has a significant Jewish Studies focus.

Application Guidelines

  • TIJS grants will be awarded to support only academic endeavors related to the field of Jewish Studies
  • Applications MUST include:
    • a letter stating your academic status (undergraduate or graduate, year in program, major or home department) and fully describing the proposed activity;
    • a budget for the overall project (even if you are applying for funds for only a part of a project),  using precise estimates from available travel websites and pricing sources;
    • a letter of support from the student’s advisor that makes clear the connection between the student’s proposal and the field of Jewish Studies and notes the relevance of the grant support to the student’s academic trajectory.
  • TIJS grants are meant to be supplemental to other sources of support. Therefore, all applications must contain as part of the budget a list of all other funding sources to which the applicant is applying or from which they have already received support. Graduate students, for example, should detail funds they expect to receive or have applied for from their home department and/or from the Laney Graduate School.
  • Late or incomplete applications will not be considered as part of the current funding cycle.
Study Abroad
Year-long, semester-long, or summer study abroad programs, primarily for undergraduates.
Language Study
Off-campus language study for training beyond what is offered at Emory, in Jewish languages such as Hebrew, Yiddish or another language essential for a student’s academic program in a Jewish Studies-related field.
Research & Travel

Research trips for theses and dissertation purposes, or travel to attend or present papers at scholarly conferences or other academic gatherings. Grants may also support the cost of supplies and services (such as copying and scanning) related to student research.

Final Report

Successful applicants will be asked to submit a brief report on how they used the funds and how the funds helped advance their research or training, as well as any photos they wish to share from their experience.