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  • How do I declare a Major/Minor in Jewish Studies?

    Declaration of Major/Minor Form


    1. Seniors who have already submitted degree applications should not submit this form but should email with their request.
    2. Once submitted, you will receive an email with instructions to contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies for Jewish Studies, Michael Berger, in order to set up a meeting to review your progress towards the major/minor, and to see what courses still need to be taken towards completion. Your JS major/minor will not be added by the Registrar’s Office until you have met with Professor Berger.
    3. If you have any questions about the form or the process, please contact or 404-727-9321.
  • How do I get approval for Transfer Credit or Course Substitutions?

    In cases of transfer credit from other universities, the department recognizes courses included by the Registrar's Office on a student's transcript. There is no petition process for credits not included by the Registrar. The Emory Undergraduate Admissions Office determines transfer credit equivalencies for college courses taken prior to matriculation at Emory.

  • How do I register for a Permission Only Course?

    Please contact the instructor of the course. Have the instructor give you written approval via email. You would then forward the email with the instructor's permission to the Senior Academic Program Coordinator, Malory Mibab. Please include your student ID# with your request. She will then either register you for the class, or provide you with an available permission number with which you can register on OPUS.

  • Can I overload into a JS course?

    It depends on the professor and the assigned room for the particular class. You must receive written permission from the professor in order to overload into their class. As with permission-only classes, please forward the professor’s e-mail approval - if granted - to the Senior Academic Program Coordinator, Malory Mibab.

  • If a course is cross-listed (e.g. JS 230) but I enrolled in the other section of it (i.e. GER 230), will it count toward my JS major or minor?

    Yes. All of our courses are cross-listed between departments. You may enroll in either section and still receive major/minor credit for the course. When completing your major or minor flowsheet, please write down exactly how you registered for the class, since only that section will appear on your transcript.

  • Can I receive JS major/minor credit for study abroad courses?

    We encourage you to first visit the Emory Education Abroad Office in person (White Hall, Suite 220), or visit their website to find out what programs are available. Once you have identified programs that interest you, we urge you to discuss them with your advisor.

    To ensure the acceptability of credit, students must receive prior departmental approval. The Study Abroad Office maintains a database of Blanket Approved Courses. These are courses which have been taught before and for which either the current or a previous Jewish studies DUS has already determined a JS course equivalency. If the course or courses you wish to register for are not listed in the database, you will need to complete a Study Abroad Course Approval Form. Once completed and submitted, the DUS will receive the form electronically to determine JS course equivalencies, if any, and the appropriate amount of credit to be awarded. When the evaluation is completed, you will be notified by email. (Note: As you can see from the list of blanket approved courses, we have accepted JS course equivalencies from a variety of Emory Study Abroad Programs, not just courses taken at Tel Aviv University, Hebrew University, and CET Prague.)